Kara Chomistek

Kara's unique creative perspective stems from a professional background in both engineering and the arts. She merges her diverse skill sets to design and execute detailed campaigns which focus on inspired garment representation, keen tailoring to client needs, and leaving lasting impressions for the viewer. Her committed appreciation for storytelling through beautiful and meticulously executed imagery can be seen in both her professional and creative portfolios, from print to advertising campaigns to events and beyond.

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Produced by Kara Chomistek and PARK

Promoting Artists
Redefining Kulture

As president and co-founder of PARK, a non-profit organization for emerging creative entrepreneurs across Canada, Kara has gained a unique industry perspective honed through an independent and original sensibility, a keen knowledge of trends and style, and a true dedication to collaboration with great creative partners. Since 2008 she has produced 20 plus fashion shows and ad campaigns for the organization, while developing relationships with some of Canada's best photographers, models, and stylists.

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"Kara is one of the most creative and strategic minds in Canada. A rare resource, she applies her engineering background in a manner that enables creatives and brand platforms to flourish, giving voice to this generation's style sensibilities. Year-over-year, Kara has developed a set of practices that build value and that have a tangible impact on creative communities and the enthusiasts who follow and support them. "

- Patti Derbyshire, Chair of Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation
Mount Royal University

I've known Kara since the late 90's when she was a dance student of mine and I have since had the pleasure of watching her mature into a one of a kind trendsetter, fashion designer and style icon! Her work with PARK is so inspiring and important to local culture as she has built up and showcased our world class designers and artists. Every time we've worked together she's challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and take my personal style to the next level.  It's an honour to have seen Kara transform from a student, to friend and now a role model and mentor of mine within the arts community. Congrats Kara!      

- Jenny Steele, Pyramid Productions



Produced by Kara Chomistek and PARK
I've had the pleasure of working with Kara Chomistek since the beginning of PARK.  She is one of the most driven people I know and a tireless advocate for the fashion community in Alberta.   The growth her company has experienced has provided countless opportunities for designers and artists in the province.

- Michael Meneghetti, Mode Models

I have had the pleasure of working with Kara Chomistek and PARK on various projects over the years.  We appreciate the expertise Kara and her team bring to styling our photo and video shoots.  They invest the time to understand our strategy, our brand, our customer and the objectives of the project.  They ensure we are aligned on the feeling of the scene by recommending an aesthetic, color palette and overall styling recommendations.  Kara is respectful, collaborative and a unique professional in this industry.  We highly respect her work ethics, her professionalism and how she has been instrumental in advancing the Alberta fashion scene.

- Nancy Cherniwchan, Travel Alberta